PDM Brand stands for ‘Product Design Matters’. We observe,
state a thesis and conduct researches thorough to truly understand
an individual concern and hidden problem.




PDM brand was born of a great twist in industrial quality and design of a full ambition from a Thai furniture designer, Doonyapol Srichan, and his good friend yet a brilliant textile designer from Finland, Sini Henttonen. Both visited Nakorn Ratchasima, the Western region of Thailand during their vacation one day. As they traveled to many local temples, Thai were holding a religious ceremony called Thod Kathinat the time where believers would present new robes along with essentialities to the monks. Sini immediately noticed woven mats where believers placed on the floor during a ceremony and all of them were strikingly beautiful-colorful patterns of flowers, dragon, and birds. She then turned to Doonyapol and said “I thought you said Thailand is tropical country and Thai don’t prefer carpets like Westerners, but they are using mats for this…”


PDM Brand emerges as a young product design company in Thailand market a few years back with a strong vision of ‘making a difference’ in the design industry rather than ‘be different’ from others. The team encounters new challenges along the way but we also believe in our capacity and potentiality in every step. Our core value reminds us to pay attention in every detail and it is our goal to expose these details and explain them as stories behind the curtain. This core value has brought us so much more than just ‘finished product’ but rather it is to represent irreplaceable skill of Thai craftmanship and impeccable experiences from our journey through a form of art. Each story entails historical and cultural aspects, engraving into design.

PDM Brand is alive because of these retelling stories and we will continue believing in such way to sustain Thai artifacts continuously. PDM Brand collections utilize research and development, production process and design to have a suitable physical quality of woven mat in tropical climate. Our team refuses to any limitation of manufacturing technology but rather focuses on new innovations as a creative thinker to improve every aspect of living style. Our ambition drives us to go beyond challenges and open our perceptions to new experiences by collaborating with Thai and international practitioners from different career fields: furniture designer, textile designer, architect and artists. PDM Brand is expanding more possibilities to the world and we envision to go further. We stand by our core value to sustaining Thai traditional value and interacting functionality and beauty into a new chapter of life style, and yet more to come




Guaranteed awards from Thailand and around the world.

Guaranted awards from Thailand and around the world