PDM Brand stands for ‘Product Design Matters’ We observe, state a thesis and conduct researches thorough to truly understand an individual concern and hidden problem, then we finalize our discovery in design platform. As the brand’s creator, we pay attention to each process closely from designing to incorporating functional qualities and always focus on principle of design where we place users in the spotlight. The more we interact with users, the more we eager to attain a better understanding in sentimental connection, personal experience and utilitarian aspect. We strongly believe that every detail is important and cannot be overlooked.


PDM Brand emerges as a young product design company in Thailand market a few years back with a strong vision of ‘making a difference’ in the design industry rather than ‘be different’ from others. Our core value reminds us to pay attention in every detail and it is our goal to expose these details and explain them as stories behind the curtain. This core value has brought us so much more than just ‘finished product’ but rather it is to represent irreplaceable skill of Thai craftsmanship and impeccable experiences from our journey through a form of art. Each story entails historical and cultural aspects, engraving into design.

PDM Brand collections utilize research and development, production process and design to have a suitable physical qualities of woven mat in tropical climate. Our ambition drives us to go beyond challenges and open our perceptions to new experiences by collaborating with Thai and international practitioners from different career fields: furniture designer, textile designer, architect andartists.PDM Brand is expanding more possibilities to the world and we envision to go further. We stand by our core value to sustaining Thai traditional value and interacting functionality and beauty into a new chapter of life style, and yet more to come

PDM’s Collection

Mats Through the ability of design and standardized industrial system, PDM Brand strives to develop local craft product such as ‘woven mat’ into a design creation of high physical quality, modern appearance and superior functionality that cater to consumer’s preference, preserving the traditional values of the local artifact.


PDM brand was born of a great twist in industrial quality and design of a full ambition from a Thai furniture designer, Doonyapol Srichan, and his good friend yet a brilliant textile designer from Finland, Sini Henttonen. Both visited Nakorn Ratchasima, the Western region of Thailand during their vacation one day. As they traveled to many local temples, Thai were holding a religious ceremony called Thod Kathin at the time where believers would present new robes along with essentialities to the monks. Sini immediately noticed woven mats where believers placed on the floor during a ceremony and all of them were strikingly beautiful- colorful patterns of flowers, dragon, and birds. She then turned to Doonyapol and said “I thought you said Thailand is tropical country and Thai don’t prefer carpets like Westerners, but they are using mats for this…”

After a few observations, Doonyapol realised Sini was absolutely right. Thai also use mats similarly to the way Westerners do but only not in their households. In fact, Woven mat is one of the most common crafts in Thailand yet no one recognizes the beauty of crafting skill. The connection between cultures was a spark to adapt Thai crafting skill on the modern trend as a decorative piece. The idea transforms usage of local woven mat to floor decoration on wherever it places and could immediately change atmosphere of the surroundings. ‘Instant beauty’ later on becomes PDM Brand’s definition.

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PDM Brand is confident in Thai craftmanship and values such knowledge dearly. Our ambition from the start is to sustain Thai crafting but change them for better. We are supporting Thai craters to publicize irreplaceable skills on products by embracing new changes together with traditionality.

For 5 years PDM has received so many warmly support and positive feedback from our customers.

Sathu (Temple Mat)

Sathu is a public project PDM Brand initiates to show appreciation in the mat that inspires the brand’s genesis. The mats are made and sent to 99 Buddhist temples across Thailand (the temples are chosen from the names submitted by the followers of PDM Brand’s Facebook page). The Sathu series takes the brand’s first pattern ‘Stride’ with a special detail of colored strips whose orange-yellow hew and blue are beautifully combined and weaved into eigth-meter long mats that specifically designed and made for the use in religious ceremonies and activities

PDM X Sini Henttonen

Finnish designer, Sini Henttonen, designs the picnic mat from his obsession in ‘elephant’ as Thailand’s national animal and its monumental presence in the country’s history, cultures and traditions. The Erawan collection conveys elephant using a contemporary and minimal aesthetics, translating the loving characteristics of the animal into an elephant motif of the mat’s pattern. A portion of the sales of the collection is donated to Thai Elephants Research and Conservation Fund.


One of the products in the floor covering line brings the cow skin mat common in European décor to Asian context. With its own design language, PDM Brand recreates the physical form and image of animal skin carpet using a different manufacturing process and materials. PDM Brand realizes Kobe to be a prime example of incredibly high-quality production that combines industrial manufacturing concept to local craftsmanship values, and created as a result is a contemporary product for a tropical climate.

Black Tiger

The design of the mat takes the inspiration from the death of the black tiger of Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary that triggered the society’s resentment and anger towards the rich’s exploitation of wild animals. Made of extra dark material, the mat is the same model as the design that PDM Brand showcased at the Venice Biennale in Italy. Produced in only limited number of 130 pieces with each having its own serial number, the Black Tiger mat is created as a reminder of the decreasing number of living black tigers in Thailand.

PDM’s Hands

With his partners, both Thai and international in cooperation with local manufacturers, craftsmen and various project based designers.

Guaranteed awards from Thailand and around the world.

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